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Minor Roof Repairs from $220.


This includes:

1.       Call out and diagnose the problem.

2.       Replacement/Repair of up to 5 tiles

3.       Repointing up to 3 ridge caps.

4.       Sealing around flues

5.       Secure flashing.

6.       Provide further free quotes for more extensive work if required.

Roof Repairs Melbourne.

Exclusive Roofing is an experienced team of roofers who can fix leaking roofs so you don’t have to worry about the threat of damage to your house or business. Roof repairs in Melbourne usually fall into 2 main categories, Tiled roof repairs and Metal roof repairs. We do not consider Asbestos roof repairs in Melbourne an option as we only recommend Asbestos roof removal due to the health risks and laws governing Asbestos.


Tile Roof Repair in Melbourne.

Tile Roof repairs fall into 2 sub-categories. Cement tile roof repairs and Terracotta tile roof repairs. Most people, who call believe they have broken or damaged tiles on their roof causing the leak. In reality, quite often this is only partly true. Tiled roofs leak for all kinds of different reasons and with many years of experience finding roof leaks you can rest assured that Exclusive Roofing Victoria knows them all.

Leaking Valley Roof Repair in Melbourne.

Exclusive Roofing is quite often called out for valley repairs or replacements after heavy rains and we can respond to emergency call outs as well. Whether it is a Terracotta or Cement tiled roof with a damaged valley we are able to help. Even a leak that can appear quite large may be due to tiny rust holes as small as a pin head. Over time this can build up and cause a substantial damage to your ceiling and quite often we see that mold has begun to grow in the area below leaking valley.


Roof Repairs on old tiled roofs.

There are many old leaking roofs in Melbourne where leaks are almost impossible to detect without lifting up tiles. Over time the water courses of Terracotta and Concrete roof tiles slowly wear down or break altogether. The water course is the part of the tile that directs water down the roof and interlock tiles together. Most of the time the problem area of the tile cannot be seen from above and requires removing sections of the roof or inspection from within the roof cavity.


Roof Repair Melbourne (Damaged Pointing).

Damaged pointing on a tiled roof can cause water to enter your home. This can be much harder to detect if the pointing looks in good condition. Many home owners call us after having been on their roof trying to unsuccessfully find a leak or repair the roof themselves to find the next time it rains there is still a leak. Careful investigation needs to be done to ensure that the leaks that are causing the issues are found and repaired.


Damaged Roof tiles due to Birds, Possums, Rats and mice in Melbourne.

A lot of the repairs we carry out are due to Birds, Possums and Rats trying to find a quiet and dry spot for them to make their home. Often there is a preexisting problem with the tile roof and the pests take full advantage of this. We work in conjunction with your chosen pest removal company and ensure all work is done in a timely manner.


Make Safe Roof Repairs.

Exclusive Roofing offers a 24 hour / 7 days a week call out emergency service by calling (03) 9017 4545. We can make you home safe until your insurance company can assess the roof or we are able to order materials and repair the roof ourselves. We are able to tarp and sandbag the roof or in some cases cover the damaged area with lead sheeting. The most common Roof Make Safe repairs we do are caused storm damage due to high winds blowing ridge capping off or tree branches falling on tile roofs.